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Davis Regional Amazing Race


This is a test! For the next sixty-seconds you will read the following list of reasons why participating in the Davis Regional Amazing Race is important. This is ONLY a test! However, should you want to pick up the phone and call to register and participate or volunteer, we will be glad to get you in the race.

A few years back, we began an event that was designed to engage a more youthful cadre of participants. We wanted to offer a variety of physical and mental challenges to teams of four through the course of a challenging day. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel—we put our own spin on a popular travel reality show. Thus, the genesis of one of the most unique events we undertake—the Davis Regional Amazing Race.

On August 25, we expect to have 25 or more four-person teams that will start their Davis Regional Amazing Race experience at the Statesville Soccer Complex. From there…it’s anyone’s guess where they will go or what they will do. Our hope (and experience proves this out) is to provide an awesome experience that builds teamwork, sends our racers to parts of the county they might never have seen, and to set up challenges that expand everyone’s capabilities.

5. Teams were required to develop a brand new jingle for Lowe’s, then find a random customer in the store to get on the in-store microphone and sing the jingle together.

4. How long has it been since you’ve played the game Operation? For some adults, it hasn’t been long! We had all team members garbed in surgical gowns at Davis Regional Medical Center and asked them to “operate.” Once they pulled out all of the ill-fated bones and organs, they had to identify actual physicians who would typically handle that actual procedure.

3. Wanna dance? The finale of the DRAR a couple of years ago included all team members ADEQUATELY doing the “Thriller” dance. YOW!

2. Sly as we can be, we marked the dominant hand of all team members at registration. In a subsequent challenge at Pla More Lanes, teams were tasked with bowling with the NON-dominant hand. First strike by a team member allowed teams to vacate the property and go on to the next race location.

1. Through the benevolence of Jeff Harvey, with Harvey Holdings, teams were challenged to build a bicycle out of the box, then ride it to make sure it was well put together. Those bikes were given to children at the Boys and Girls Club. There is more to the Davis Regional Amazing Race than simply having a great time, doing cool things. Providing a broader community benefit, giving back, as they say, is important in all we do.

Does this sound like fun to you? We would love to have you join us, as a participant or volunteer. Just go to our website ( or call the Chamber office at 704-873-2892 for more information.

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