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Carolina Crossroads Dental Care

Carolina Crossroads Dental Care

By Kristie Darling

Photos by Christian Viera Photography

On the cover–Lindsay Spears, DDS
Right–Dr. Spears reviewing a case with dental assistant,
Lori Walton..
Dr. Spears performing an exam on a patient..

Carolina Crossroads Dental Care

Carolina Crossroads Dental Care


“It’s true that your smile is the most important thing you wear,” Lindsay Spears shared. “It breaks my heart when someone isn’t as fun-loving as they could be because they’re ashamed about their teeth.” Dr. Spears is the driving force behind one of the most beloved dentistry teams around. “It’s important to me that people understand we’re just seven Christian women who care. We don’t judge. In fact, if everyone had perfect teeth, I wouldn’t have a job!” I met with Dr. Spears and the Carolina Crossroads team, and I must say, each of these delightful women comes to their work with compassion, humor, and grace. And, they know their stuff!

“We are people-people. Little ones become teenagers and twenty-somethings, and we’ve been teaching them how to take care of their teeth all their lives,” hygienist Kim Elliott said. “With the youngest—it’s recommended that children see a dentist when their first teeth are coming in—getting them to feel safe and comfortable here is helping them know us, and us getting to know them so we wouldn’t be strangers if they had to come in for an emergency. We make certain they know what’s going on and ask questions. We help parents understand the importance of regular dental care for everyone, especially children…we teach kids and their parents.”

Carolina Crossroads Dental Care’s office is a comfortable place. Make a cup of coffee or tea, watch a little TV, and sit back for a moment. “I feel welcomed, relaxed, not rushed or left waiting,” a recent patient said, “It’s like hanging out with friends—laid-back professionals!”

The sunny offices have been up-fitted with new equipment and remodeled to make your visit pleasant and comfortable. “We’re starting to use new air powder polishers that remove stains better and get teeth really clean,” hygienist Allison Carter explained, “a great addition with whitening treatments.” Dr. Spears’ dentistry includes most any service you might need, and she’ll refer you to a specialist when necessary.

There are several options for affordable dental care. With our in-house insurance, Miles of Smiles, patients can prepay at a reduced price for two exams, two cleanings, a set of digital X-rays, and one emergency visit each year along with a 20% discount on other services. “This makes a big difference for some families to get dental care or not,” Dr. Spears explained. “We work with dental insurance plans and have new patient and referral offers. Just call, we’ll explain how you can afford personalized care.”

“I love my dream team. They keep me going, and we have a blast together,” Dr. Spears says. “Last October, all seven of us went to the American Dental Association’s annual meeting…continuing education each year is critical. We were excited to hear, in addition to learning about new dental technologies and products, workshops about women in dentistry, teambuilding, social media, and wellness—this isn’t your grandmother’s dentistry! I learn so much from new people we meet, and the best part was having my team there to learn with me. It was in Honolulu, so we relied on Tammy to show us around during our trip. Just being with each other is special!”
Tammy Waiwaiole, who was in charge of free time in Hawaii, is from Hawaii. After settling in Statesville, she worked for Dr. Rudy Ketchie for 31 years. When Dr. Ketchie sold his practice to Dr. Spears in 2015, Tammy stayed on. As office manager, Tammy is one of the friendly voices on the phone when you call. She knows all the patients, many all their lives. “I’ve been here long enough that I’m friends with some patients and their families. And, I love working with these women every day,” she said. “We get along like sisters—that makes it easy to come to work.”

Kim Elliott has been with the practice for 22 years. She and long-time hygienist Allison Carter—20 years—are the specialists who not only clean and floss your teeth twice a year, they are the front line in teaching good dental hygiene and how to take care of your teeth and gums between visits. They are x-ray technicians, they keep up with your treatment plan and records, and they’re fun to hang with. Even at the dentist’s office! Kim said, “We can transform smiles, and I love that! Lives are changed.…a great smile is something worth working on.”

Dental assistant Lori Walton has worked with the practice for 14 years. She understands that for some people, the dentist’s office is the last place they want to be, so she makes sure her patients understand what’s going on. “Questions are free,” she says, “and I encourage everyone to ask about anything they’re concerned with.”

Michelle Hix told me that all the friends she’s ever had come to Carolina Crossroad; well maybe almost all. “We’re approachable. We have a good time with our patients,” Michelle said. “I think the atmosphere here really is special and people feel that.” Michelle has been a dental assistant with the practice for nine years. She and her husband, Matthew, have two children—all patients, of course.
Gina Wilmoth started last August as the team’s third assistant. She’s the new kid on the block but was actually Dr. Spear’s very first dental assistant. “I worked with Dr. Spears at Wilkes Public Health, just after she finished dental school. It was her first job—we’ve been good friends for a long time.” The best part of her job? Dr. Spears!

Lindsay Spears is a powerhouse. You see it in her work, in her personality, and in the commitment she has to each patient. It’s reflected in the dedication of her team. Lindsay pays attention and listens to what’s going on with patients and gives her best recommendations for the dental work that’s needed. “I believe in choices…I approach dentistry conservatively, which is to say, I want the very best for my patients without getting into work that isn’t needed. The most expensive option isn’t always the best decision. I listen so that together we come to a treatment plan that works, that I know they’ll be pleased with,” she said. “It’s important to me that my work makes their lives better.”

Dr. Spears and her husband, Brandon, are planning a move to Statesville. “Troutman is close, but I want to be closer to work,” she told me. “With two little ones, that will be much better!” Ella Rose is almost three, and she loves to dress up like a princess and play outside. Eli just turned one, and like every dentist’s child, he’s always chewing on things—everything! He loves watching his big sister.

As a sponsor of Girls on the Run, Dr. Spears shares herself and her team with others. “We participated in GOTR’s Sneaker Soiree. At the auction, I purchased a two-night stay in Asheville, and all seven of us are going there for teambuilding,” she said. “The better we all get along, the better our patients feel.” Gina and Dr. Spears are participating in the Carolina Panther’s Team Smile day to provide free dentistry for those who need it. Caring about the community is essential to all the women at Carolina Crossroads.

Lindsay Spears and her topnotch team provide personalized, affordable dental care for thousands of families. Call today to have your questions answered or to make an appointment. Your smile will thank you!


Carolina Crossroads Dental Care
(704) 873-2141

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