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Daly Mills Family Law

Daly Mills Family Law

By Kristie Darling

Photos by Lisa Crates Photography

On the cover–Attorneys Judith Daly (right) and
Miranda Mills (left) of Daly Mills Family Law

Righ, from lef to rightt–Front row: Attorney Meg Stacy, Attorney Judith Daly, Attorney Torrey Lomas, and
Attorney Miranda Mills
Back row: Paralegal April Moss, Paralegal Sara Moore, Office Administrator/Paralegal Terri McKesson, and
Receptionist Sheryl Smith

Attorneys Miranda Mills, Meg Stacy, Judith Daly, and Torrey Lomas are ready to handle all of your family law matters.

Daly Mills Family Law

Daly Mills Family Law


FAMILY is a hallowed concept. We are each given one and taking care of all the modern-day issues that surround us is critical. Just like food and shelter, legal concerns need to be met with integrity, understanding, experience, and attention.

Partnering with a dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate legal team can help assure a hopeful outcome. “It is critical to me that the legal services we provide are done right,” Judith Daly shared. “Working in a civilized fashion with opposing counsel, with families and individuals, in court or out, is who we are. The attorneys and paralegals in our firm believe that we can work without mudslinging and uproar. Our focused approach to providing the best possible advice, specific to each personal situation, serves everyone best. In order to make a positive difference in people’s lives, we must offer solutions to these challenging times.”

Over the last 13 years, Daly Mills Family Law has grown. “At this point, our team is just right—a perfect fit—with everyone in sync providing expert legal advice and service to those who need it,” Judith said. “Our attorneys, paralegals, and office administrators work diligently every day. I enjoy their energy and enthusiasm, and our clients feel that, too. We really are a well-oiled machine.”

Judith’s role isn’t just family law attorney—she’s also trainer, coach, and mentor to the women in her office. Judith has worked exclusively in family law, and her guidance and expertise have created a supportive team whose values align. “It’s best when the entire practice is focused on one area of law—in family matters, we all know our stuff,” said Terri McKesson, paralegal and office administrator. “This work isn’t always easy, so we’re here for each other, especially when working on a stressful case. We’re not going to let anyone burn out.”

The specialized area of family law includes legal issues like separation and divorce, child custody and support, adoption, grandparents’ rights, paternity and parentage issues, LGBTQ issues, prenuptial agreements, property division, school district guardianship, domestic violence orders of protection, wills, trusts, and estate planning and administration. “One couple might only need a final divorce decree, while another couple’s case might involve child custody, alimony, and property issues,” attorney Torrey Lomas said. “We determine what course to take by listening as people explain their circumstances. Sometimes folks are happy to realize they don’t even need us.”

Judith Daly, Attorney. Since opening her family law practice in 2006, Judith has earned a reputation as knowledgeable, dedicated, fair, and hardworking on behalf of the families she represents. After experiencing a difficult divorce, Judith knew she could help people in a better way. She understands the nuances of getting good results by working fairly and honestly. She might take a forceful approach if that’s useful, but Judith prefers negotiating a compromise when that’s most effective. Her clients spend less time and resources moving toward a favorable resolution. Judith earned her law degree from DePaul College of Law in Chicago.

Miranda Mills, Attorney. Daly Mills Family Law’s newest partner is Miranda Mills. With over a decade of experience in the courtroom, Miranda brings a strong history of dedication to her clients and legal knowledge to her work. She takes time to volunteer for advocacy organizations and mentor new attorneys. As current chair of the New Lawyers Division of the North Carolina Association of Justice, Miranda authored three chapters in the first edition of the New Lawyers Survival Guide, including chapters on family law and criminal law. She attended Wake Forest University School of Law where she graduated in the top 25% of her class and was a member of the Wake Forest Law Review.

Meg Stacy, Attorney. Meg joined the firm to devote her efforts to practicing family law. “I’m dedicated to my clients’ best outcome,” Meg shared. “I know what needs to be done to get that for them, and if I don’t know something, I’ll find out and make sure we’ve exhausted all avenues. I do my homework.” Meg is from Raleigh, and she graduated cum laude at NC Central School of Law.

Torrey Lomas, Attorney. When Torrey decided to focus on law, after receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology, she moved to North Carolina to earn her law degree at Charlotte School of Law. “Before joining Judith at DaIy Mills Family Law,” Torrey said, “I held off on other offers hoping to work in family law…that was the right decision for me, for sure.”

Terri McKesson, Paralegal, Office Administrator. Terri has been with Daly Mills Family Law for ten years, so she’s the go-to person for everyone in the firm. She trains staff and helps them stay on track with established processes and procedures. As a paralegal, she prepares accountings required by the clerk of court in the Estates Department for both guardianship clients and probate clients. She also assists in the administrative management of the firm.

Sara Moore, Paralegal. As a paralegal, Sara helps prepare and review pleadings, motions, discovery, and other legal documents. She stays in touch with clients to answer questions and keep them informed of the status of their matter. Sara served in the United States Army for eight years where she worked in the information and technology field.

April A. Moss, Paralegal. April earned an Associate Degree in Paralegal Technology, Phi Theta Kappa from Western Piedmont Community College in 2004. “I decided to work in family law because of my compassion for people,” April explained. “I’ve been through the process of divorce, so I have both professional and personal experience to offer our clients.”

Sheryl Smith, Receptionist. Sheryl is a welcoming voice on the phone helping clients schedule appointments or greeting them when they come in. She enjoys meeting new clients and the personal satisfaction of helping families. She graduated from Newton Conover High School and then continued on to Lees McRae College.


To fully discover the client’s needs and goals, a free consultation is offered. “It’s important to understand what the issues are, determine what needs to be done, and plan the right strategy to benefit a client’s long-term interests,” Judith explained. “We are advocates for our clients, and we each take that role very seriously.”

As financially savvy businesswomen, the team understands the implications of each course of action they undertake in representing clients. Positive results are the goal, and a client’s financial situation going in, the extent of their investment in legal representation, and the monetary outcomes for families are always considered. “We are very mindful of our clients’ financial wellbeing,” Miranda explained, “and our policy is always to develop a strategy that is not cost prohibitive. We propose options that are affordable and protect what is at stake. We are transparent about our fees—clients are well advised of the costs involved at the start.”

No matter what issues Daly Mills Family Law might help you with, your final goal is to get the best possible results for your circumstances. If you have questions or family issues that need to be addressed, contact the Daly Mills Family Law team. They can explain your legal rights, work toward a positive outcome, and help you get on with your life.

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