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Bio Green

Bio Green

By Kristie Darling

Cover Photo by Shane Greene Photography

On the cover–Bio Green franchise owner Cameron Williams services the Charlotte and Lake Norman area.

Right–Cameron fertilizing a beautiful lawn
Photo by Shane Greene Photography

Bio Green products are environmentally safe and biologically sound. They are safe for your family and pets as well as the environment. Photo provided by Bio Green.

Bio Green

Bio Green


Spring is here, finally! I bet you’ve been checking out flats of flowers and tubs of bushes to plant around the house and patio. It’s hard to resist. Your lawn, on the other hand…have you thought about getting your lawn up to speed with your flower beds? For those of us who just settle for a spotty, weed-filled yard—help is here, and I am happy to say, I’m signing up! I met with Cameron and Leighann Williams, who own Bio Green of Charlotte/Lake Norman, and I’m impressed. Cameron has guaranteed me that even my yard, one that hasn’t received much TLC in a very long time, can be healthy, green, and beautiful—with his professional help. All in a very affordable manner.

Cameron comes by his skills honestly. “My grandpa and uncles were entrepreneurs who built golf courses,” he explained, “and that’s all about grass. I started with my own contract mowing business when I was 16 and graduated from NC State’s Turfgrass Management program at Catawba Valley Community College. And, I did an internship at Statesville Country Club while I was in school.” All in all, Cameron is a third-generation grass guy with about 10 years’ experience keeping it healthy, green, and growing. “I love knowing my customers pull into their driveways and enjoy a bank of beautiful, green grass,” he said. Cameron and his bride of eight years, Leighann, who is a former Air National Guard SrA, purchased the Charlotte/Lake Norman Bio Green franchise in 2016 with plans for a thriving business. “We service some very nice lake homes, large properties in northern Iredell County, and lots in between. There’s no minimum size yard, and we don’t require a contract. Our trucks are all over town,” Leighann told me. “We’re proud to be part of a change to more environmentally safe products. As an all-natural, odor-free lawn care and fertilization service, we help protect people, pets, wildlife, and even our lakes. Our products are on the USDA bio-preferred list.”

“We begin with new customers by walking their property, taking note of the lawn’s condition, and also examining landscape plants, shrubs, and trees,” Cameron continued. “We’re looking for issues we can help with, like stressed areas in the lawn that aren’t growing well, insects, weeds, diseases, and nutrient deficiency. We assess what type of grass you have and how healthy it is. We’ll test the soil—we don’t waste time guessing—and ask questions to find out what your goals are and what your budget is. With this information, we can give you options for weed control, soil nourishment, over-seeding with the right seed for our area, and winterizing to get ready for next spring’s growing season, all designed to match your budget at different price points. We’ll recommend up to seven services annually, but our visits are customized to your lawn and landscape, with on-call treatments as needed. I like to design a plan suited to your needs throughout the year.”

Because Bio Green is local, they’re competitively priced to their customers’ favor. “We stay in touch between service calls to make sure all is going well,” Cameron explained. “Whether you mow and water or hire a service, we’re a great partner. In fact, we work with many area landscapers. We’re always available if you have questions about our service, products, the health of your lawn and landscape—about anything. At each service call, we’ll walk your property again to make sure all is going according to plan. Big box stores and large chemical companies don’t do that.” Emergency service calls are critical if something comes up, and Cameron guarantees 48-hour service.


Cameron’s customers appreciate the environmentally safe, biologically sound Bio Green fertilizer and other products that he applies throughout the year. Spring is the time to apply pre-emergent to prevent weeds from taking over. Cameron’s team treats and eliminates brown patches in summer. Fall is time for seeding, and Bio Green germinator encourages new seedlings to develop. Winterizing in December will keep your lawn nourished until spring when your new grass really takes off. Much safer fertilizers are available for families who want that for their lawn and landscape. Sensitivities, pets, and caring for children’s play areas are good reasons to ask Cameron about this. A quick outline of this and other service options is available at

Cameron explained that easy changes can make a big difference in the health and beauty of your lawn. “Often, when landowners spray with fertilizer they bought at the hardware store, they’re only getting to what’s above ground,” he said. “Our natural fertilizer is complete—a macro and micronutrient package for turf, bedding plants, trees, and shrubs. It gets into the soil, feeds the roots, improves fertility, builds topsoil, and encourages steady growth. Our products do much more than chemicals.” Bio Green is especially needed with our red clay soil. With an on-going schedule designed for our climate and your specific lawn, your plants become healthier over time. After a couple of seasons, you won’t need to do as much. You’ll see better results than you’ve seen before.

A full, deep green lawn is the result. I’m beginning to believe even my yard could become Better Homes and Gardens material.

More often than not, if your lawn needs good nutrition, your flowers, bushes, and trees do, too. When these plants are healthy, with strong roots and proper nourishment, they become more drought and disease resistant. Bio Green products for plants and trees offer the same effective natural ingredients as turf products. And, just like taking care of lawns, Cameron can evaluate shrubs and trees and recommend a suitable care schedule.

“Cameron provides excellent customer care; he’s a loyal vendor,” DAS Architecture’s owner, Dane Suchoza, told me. “He services a number of my properties throughout the area, and I appreciate his professional management. He’s energetic, and I like his entrepreneurial spirit.” Businesses of all types and sizes want to make a good first impression, and Bio Green’s corporate customers appreciate how great their grass looks all year. Cameron’s team can manage any size property and service the trees, flower beds, and lawns.

Cameron’s best advice for keeping your lawn looking great? First, don’t mow short! Grass should be cut about four inches high or more. Second, only water in the morning! Don’t put your grass to bed wet. And, third, water and mow regularly. “What you do in between our service calls makes a big difference in how well our products perform,” he explained. Put Bio Green’s natural products to work in your yard, and you’ll be showing it off to everyone. Like I said, I’m signing up!

Call Leighann and Cameron now. Spring is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf, so to speak, and bring your lawn and landscapes beautifully to life. Soon, all our yards will be House and Gardens beautiful!

Bio Green

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