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Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County

Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County

By Kristie Darling

Photos by Shane Greene Photography

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Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County


“My husband received absolutely the best possible care you could ask for. We were provided both palliative and hospice care, and I believe that is what allowed Jimmie to experience the good quality of life he had with me and his family, his pets, and his music throughout his long journey,” Beverly Lincomfelt of Mooresville shared. “I wanted so much to care for him myself at home, and I did for a long time, but I wasn’t able to do it all. It’s hard. The entire Hospice team—everyone who worked with us—kept him comfortable and helped me keep going. They came immediately when I needed them at the end, and they came to his service, too. I can’t say enough good things about our Hospice.” Beverly’s story may seem remarkable for healthcare today, but the more you learn about Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County, the more typical it sounds.

Even though Beverly is a trained nurse, after providing one-on-one care for her husband for several years following his Alzheimer’s diagnosis, she realized the task was too big. He required full-time care, and she needed help, physically and emotionally. HPCIC provides that critical support to anyone in our region who needs it.

“We’re here to make each day count,” says Terri Philips, president and CEO of Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County, “to make the best of each day. Every patient and family we serve is different, with unique needs and circumstances, and our care is offered to anyone, regardless of where they are, who they are, what they are experiencing in terms of their needs for end-of-life care. We hear this over and over, ‘I wish we had called sooner,’ and our staff is always available to answer questions to help people understand who we care for and all that we offer.” Indeed, anyone can make a referral to HPCIC. Often, the initial inquiry comes from a family member or friend. It’s important to remember that simply requesting information can be the start of a life-changing partnership between someone who is ill or in pain and the professionals and volunteers at HPCIC. It’s that partnership that Beverly credits with “keeping my husband comfortable and keeping me going.”

We believe in our mission: To honor life by providing extraordinary care with compassion, comfort, and dignity to our patients, families, and community.

We believe hospice is about living: HPCIC’s goal is to help patients and families make the most of every moment by providing comfort. We focus on the patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Hospice is intended for the last six months of life; the more time with a family, the better Hospice can serve and care for them. Hospice care can greatly increase the patient’s quality of life.

We believe our programs offer extraordinary care to our community: HPCIC is the only nonprofit hospice organization located in Iredell County. We have dedicated care teams in Mooresville and Statesville, and we own and operate the only in-patient hospice facility in Iredell County—Gordon Hospice House. With a service area of ten counties (Iredell, Davie, Rowan, Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, Catawba, Alexander, Wilkes, Lincoln, Yadkin) HPCIC provides care in homes, in assisted living and long-term facilities, in hospitals, as well as in the Gordon Hospice House, with the comforts of home and the support of professional health care providers.
We believe access to insurance or ability to pay is never a barrier to care: As Iredell County’s leading hospice provider—the most experienced and trusted provider—for 33 years, HPCIC has been a critical and compassionate support system for families throughout our region, regardless of their ability to pay. In 2016,
HPCIC provided more than $1 million in uncompensated care and programs through private donations.

Rainbow Kidz—Unfortunately, children aren’t immune to needing hospice services. Leigh Ann Darty, Rainbow Kidz director, started Rainbow Kidz because there was a gap in services provided to Iredell County children who were experiencing grief and related issues or living with life-limiting conditions. “We teach healthy coping techniques and skills,” Leigh Ann explained. “These are life tools that will serve young people well in future emotional situations they encounter.” Through grief counseling groups in Iredell County schools, Boys & Girls Club of the Piedmont, Camp Rainbow’s week-long summer camp, Sara Campbell’s Holiday Healing, and professional one-on-one counseling, children can build a community of friends who understand and support each other. There is never a charge for Rainbow Kidz programs.

“My son went through Rainbow Kidz’ school program,” one mother shared, “and he made friends he could go to and talk about things. It gave him the language and comfort he needed to express his feelings.” Rainbow Kidz is solely funded by community donations.

The Pathways Team—Palliative Care is different from hospice care. The palliative care team of physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses, and social workers provides comfort and support for those suffering from life-limiting serious illness or patients who have been in and out of the hospital. “Most people would rather manage their symptoms at home, and we help them do that,” Terri explained. “Palliative care is a medical specialty, just like cardiology or oncology, where our team members partner with your primary physician to develop an individual care plan for managing pain and complications, discomfort and anxiety, assisting with medical equipment, and helping restore quality of life.” Palliative care is a godsend for anyone, at any age, with a potentially life-threatening condition, as well as their caregivers. Many say they wish they hadn’t waited so long to begin receiving care.
Hospice Care and Gordon Hospice House—“Whether our patients remain at home, in a nursing facility, or enter our in-patient Hospice House, our goal is to meet the needs of our patients and families,” Karen Lawler, director of community outreach, told me. “We take pride that our hospice program is of the highest quality; in fact, we’ve earned national recognition the last four years as a Hospice Honors recipient, an award determined by family surveys. 100 percent of families recommend us to others, which exceeds state and national levels.”

With regional locations in Statesville and Mooresville, HPCIC’s dedicated team members go wherever the patient is, and their response time in a crisis is quick because they are close by.

“It’s a myth that hospice care is only for the last few days,” Terri said. “So often, patients are referred too late, and what could have been six months or longer of exceptional, compassionate medical care and critical support for family members, is brief. We’re focused on living the best life, improving the quality of every day that a person has.” Gordon Hospice House has been home to hundreds who have received the highest quality care at the end of life’s journey. Hospice professionals have brightened the homes of many people whose families share their positive stories whenever they talk about their loved one’s passing.

As a daughter who will forever be grateful for the dedication and care my mother received from Hospice of Iredell County, I recommend a visit if you have any questions about someone you love. There’s a good reason this community is dedicated to Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County–it’s because they are dedicated to serving families in our community.

Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County
Statesville Office, 704-873-4719
Mooresville Office, 704-663-0051
Gordon Hospice House, 704-761-2400

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