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By Kristie Darling

Photos by Heather Edmunds

On the cover–ReShape aesthetician Tamara Pysz

Right–Anthony Macasieb, DO, board certified internist and founder of ReShape.



ReShape is the perfect name for one of Mooresville’s premier health, anti-aging, and beauty facilities. ReShape has two meanings, each vital to the spa’s mission and outlook. First, ReShape refers to reshaping our bodies and lives. The second meaning is its overarching mission to reshape modern medicine. In combination, this dual focus enables the healthcare providers at ReShape to work with each client as a whole person, addressing health, mind-body, beauty, and anti-aging.

ReShape was started by Dr. Anthony Macasieb in the fall of 2017. Dr. Macasieb had specific reasons for expanding his internal medicine practice of over 25 years to include ReShape and all the possibilities and alternatives he could offer our community and his current patients. “I felt that with the mandate of electronic medical records, I was spending more time viewing my iPad screen than engaging in the human side of each patient,” he explained. Dr. Macasieb has taken a different approach to patient care in recent years by allowing ample time to acquaint himself with each patient as a human being, getting to know them and understand their concerns, and beginning to bring mind and body together in his approach to their good health. He continues to practice internal medicine in his private practice, Trinity Healthcare, located in the same building, but he views his work at ReShape as “…a new phase in my medical career. I still prescribe medications when appropriate, but I explain and offer alternatives when I believe there will be good benefits and the desired outcome for patients.”

When we look our best, we feel our best…when our bodies are healthy, we look AND feel our best. It’s the nature of the human experience. Reshape is an alternative to the traditional methods of treating patients by adding a closer examination of each patient’s nutritional and hormonal balances and mind-body status. Many options are available to help us achieve optimum health, beauty, outlook, and wellbeing:

IV Vitamin Therapy supports good health, rejuvenates, and energizes. It is an excellent way to deliver nutrients and other necessary biological components in a controlled manner. “I know my allergies improve when I get a boost from an intravenous vitamin treatment,” Heather Gonzalez told me. “If I feel like I’m getting sick, I’ll use IV vitamin therapy to keep things from getting worse, and, it helps me utilize medications better.” Heather is a nurse practitioner at ReShape and Trinity Healthcare. She explained that IV nutrition provides a direct access to the circulatory system by bypassing the GI tract, resulting in higher rates of absorption. This therapy is tailored to each individual’s specific needs and is effective in dehydration, boosting immunity, fatigue, chronic stress, fibromyalgia, jet lag, hangover symptoms, arthritis, headaches, pre- and post-surgical enhanced healing, and many other conditions. Cancer patients may benefit from high dose vitamin C.

Platelet Rich Plasma is a prescription-free therapy that utilizes your own concentrated blood plasma and its anti-inflammatory properties for relief of pain, fatigue, and arthritis, as well as other conditions. Professional athletes use PRP injections to heal sports injuries. Another use of PRP is treating sexual dysfunction and sexual enhancement for men and women. Therapies that address sexual issues are the P-Shot for men and the O-Shot for women. These shots can have almost instantaneous results—another alternative therapy for stress, depression, and low self-esteem. Also, PRP is used in aesthetic treatments such as Vampire Facelifts, microneedling, and hair restoration.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement restores normal hormone levels and reduces uncomfortable symptoms of imbalance, such as andropause, menopause, and thyroid or adrenal fatigue. Co-owner Wendy Macasieb explained that customized treatments with bioidentical hormones (derived from naturally occurring sources and structurally the same as our own hormones) can also help with memory loss, anti-aging, depression, cramps, headaches, hair loss, and erectile dysfunction—so, not just for women!

Medical Weight Loss Programs at ReShape—medically supervised, scientifically founded, and customized for each patient—are designed to rev up your metabolism while instilling new behaviors, habits, and lifestyle changes that will help you take weight off and keep it off. “We want to bring balance to your life and relationship with your weight,” Heather said, “and we work individually with each patient to understand all that is needed to be successful. Injections or medications can sometimes help jump-start your weight loss.”

Tamara Pysz recently gave me a dermaplane facial. I have to say, it was a moment of me-time that I savored in a very hectic week. “Our services, whether it’s weight loss, skin care, or aesthetic procedures fit into that mind, body, spirit model. You know, when we look better, of course you feel better,” Tamara shared. “Some people think these services are only for women of a certain age, so they’ll look younger, but I say, for men and women, it’s never too soon to start taking care of yourself and your skin so you’ll look and feel better now and as you age. Of course, I believe that daily sunscreen, proper nutrition, and water intake are vital for healthy skin. After that, we can help improve your looks with many options in aesthetic services.”

In addition to several types of facials, ReShape offers non-surgical Vampire Facelifts, Botox, injectables and fillers, microneedling, radio frequency skin tightening and body contouring, microdermabrasion, peels, acne treatment, laser hair removal, waxing, and more. Each treatment addresses specific beauty and aging concerns. Recommendations are made after consultation with the aesthetician, so she knows exactly what your personal health, beauty, and anti-aging goals are. Having a professional listen to your concerns and suggest the right plan is important to getting you where you want to be.

Spa-quality skin care products by Pevonia are available, and Tamara will make sure you’re using the right products and following the proper regimen for your unique skin type to gain or maintain a more youthful, refreshed look.

Tamara’s husband, Brian Pysz, is very active in many aspects of ReShape. “I believe that Dr. Macasieb’s view on healthcare is the vision of the future,” he told me. Brian and Tamara own TemperaturePro Carolinas - Lake Norman, a local heating and cooling company in Mooresville.

“I have the best of the best working here,” Dr. Macasieb told me. “Each of us takes our work seriously, because it can have a profound impact in our clients’ lives. For the same reason, we strive to keep our prices competitive and fair—wellness and beauty should be affordable. Treating the whole person is very important to me, and I invite you to get in touch, so we can get to know each other and can help you connect mind and body in better health.” For men and women who want to improve their health, their looks, and their life, the ReShape team can help you get started. Get your questions answered at ReShape…it could positively change your life.

To schedule an appointment or consult, call
901 West Wilson Avenue
Mooresville, NC

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